December 16, 2012 by darklabstudios

Let’s assume that we live in a three dimension universe (length, width, and height), and are bound by a fourth dimension of time.

In this reality, time would appear to be linear, while beyond this reality time would be a malleable, ungrounded factor.

Enter the present: what seems to be a culmination of past events that led you here, preceding every moment that you will ever continue to exist in, and beyond.

So here we are, doing our thing, when suddenly we ask ourselves what can at time be the most irrelevant questions: what am I doing with my life and why am I here.

At this point in time we open up a galactic fork in the road; we become time travellers. Conscious of ourselves and the moment we exist in, we become gods, able to choose our next move. Unfortunately, though omnipotence may be ours, omnipresence of ourselves in these moments is merely a figment of our imagination.

Some feel they’ve been staring at this fork our whole life, others are curiously bewildered by their virgin experience. What I’ve learnt is this: commitment plays a huge role in one’s path of life.

Be it a relationship, job, or idea, commitment will be the key between continuing, receding, or taking a turn. Generally, when these outcomes look positive there’s no hesitation in taking them. It’s when we fear a negative result that we find ourselves in the, at times pathetic, standstill of actively waiting.

Moving on with the negative (something I try to refrain from doing), I’ve learnt this: at times, my past self see’s things that my current self does not see. That’s not to say that one is right or that one is wrong. However, being someone who believes himself to be conscious and aware, I’ve learnt to give credit where credit is due: to my past self, who likely had not only the foresight to see what I could do, but the courage to push me to do it, despite an unnerving fear of failure that I might meet along the way.

For that reason, my former self might have “trapped” my current self in this present moment, without the ability to turn back, thus forcing me to continue along a pre-determined path, thought out by my former self.

Sometimes we lack courage with our current state of affairs. The options are simple, and vary between the polarities of a full scale abort or moving forward through the tide. At these times, we can look to our past selves and realize the bravery that brought us here in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. unfigurable says:

    I figured it out. I enjoy reading, writing, and running because I reinforced those activities with caffeine, food, alcohol, or weed (in college). I tricked my mind and now the activities that were once unenjoyable to me have become enjoyable. I rewarded myself without thinking about the idea that I was reinforcing healthy activities.

    The problem I have now that I picked up positive habits is that I also picked up negative habits to reinforce those positive habits. How do I rid myself of the negative? I have to fill the void somehow. I’m bigger than I want to be and more dependent on caffeine than I want to be. I can’t seem to stop. what fills the cravings when you want to rid of a negative? does it have to be another negative?

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