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December 18, 2012 by darklabstudios

Oh, I’m off to drink Tequila! The Magical Liquor of Gods! En-chi-la-dah Vege-burritos, smothered in salsa and sun, OH!

I’m going to Mexico tomorrow morning, and alas, this will be my last post for the foreseeable fortnight and days three. I just wrote a long update on my ever-growing newsletter (which you’re probably not a part of for some inexcusable reason; especially if you subscribe to dealfind or some other nonsense that spams you inbox, you constantly deleting their e-mails without opening them thinking to yourself, “God, ANOTHER ONE!? Why do they keep e-mailing me every week!”).

That ended with a truck-load of punctuation.

In short, nice things written about me here.

A new spin-off of The Destructive Artist will be feature here on Saturdays. Yeah baby, we’re serialized now.

And for those of you with ample time to spare, be you procrastinating exams, finally enjoying yourself, or truly interested:

“The Latest Newsletter”
(Get in on the next one)



Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when…well, how about I refrain from making a mockery of every Christmas story or TV special and get straight to the point:
Times are getting cold, so I’m going someplace warm. While I’m there, I will surround myself and be surrounded by love…and food…and tequila.
That’s right: I’m off to Mexico tomorrow morning! I won’t even tell you how early I have to wake up, lest you share in my tiresome by reading it. So consider this a head’s up that there won’t be any new posts (barring a christmas miracle that I decide to write or draw something and share it online) between now and Jan. 4th, give or take a recuperating day or two.
That being said, through the magic of the internet and serendipitous timing of the universe, you will in fact be able to see some new, fresh work of mine! I’m working with a high school friend, Philip Tabah, and his project, The Main: a collection of Montréal’s Finest and Most Promising restaurants, boutiques, events, people, etc. We’ve decided to run a serialized spin-off of The Destructive Artistthat will primarily feature The Voice of Reason and Ego off on their own merry adventure. They should be published on Saturday’s so set a reminder for this and coming weeks.
In other art news, some of you might know that I was recently commissioned to draw yet another comic-piece for a local community centre, The Heart and Hands Health Collective. Christina, the owner, held a silent auction to cover some new expenses (primarily a mortgage for her healing centre). And would you believe it? Someone actually bought the piece I made! Unfortunate, considering our half-hearted hopes that if un-bidded H&H could keep it for themselves and mount it on their wall, but alas, someone liked my art that much. Anyways, the piece will likely be the first page of a comic I write for her and H&H, circa 2013…the first half. Here’s a nice article about the event. And yes, I am clean.
Still, none of this covers the “big secret” I’ve been holding back on, and I will continue to hold back just a wee bit longer.
Have a merry holiday season, be ye warm or cold, alone or surrounded by family (which one’s better? Consider the in-laws…), and be sure to love yourself better than anyone else might love you!
All the best, Peace, and Love,
Will Art 4 Food



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