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I have an easier time writing about how I feel than I do writing about myself, so when I write about myself, I try to make it as simple and childlike as possible. Here we go:

  • My birth name is Trevor Daniel Burnett, my Hebrew name is Moshé, or Moses. When I started travelling a guru, Samaya/Buba, renamed me Ananda. I liked it. When I got to Fiji, they gave me the local name Marika. In Istanbul, my spirit-brother nicknamed me Supertramp (after the Into The Wild guy, not the band, which is also awesome). These days I go by Ananda Supertramp. It makes meeting people interesting, applying for jobs weird.
  • I emerged from my mother’s womb on November 24, 1989/26 Cheshvan, 5750, year of the wood snake. I am a Sagittarius with rising sign in Jupiter. My Mayan birthday is 13 Eb.
  • I like a lot of things, but I don’t go to school to learn about them. Instead, I travel and explore the world, chancing into teachers.
  • I try to make sense of the internet and this world. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and confused by the subject matter and processing it. That’s my problem.
  • I like plants and nature, a lot.
  • I travel; sometimes I find it hard to stay still, other times I have a hard time getting out of bed.
  • I fluctuate between exuberance and depressions. I don’t enjoy depressions.
  • I consume life and excrete art. So it goes.

I like to write e-mails to my friends, family, and anyone who’s interested. Send an e-mail to with the subject “mailing list”, or something similarly obvious to join in on the fun. I send them out on a somewhat irregular basis.


E-mails may be lengthy, open, and genuine, but they always include new art and anecdotes. Some reference other artists too!


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