While You Were Gone


WHILE YOU WERE GONE, charcoal and conté on newsprint paper – February, 2012

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I moved out when I was 19. At the age of 22, I moved back home with my parents, having lived in my hometown of Montréal, Qc, Victoria, BC, and San Marcos, Guatemala. I was planning on opening up a a community center that would focus on an alternative lifestyle for well being. It was going to be called Trev’s Place. The idea fell through while my parents were volunteering and exploring Peru. I decided to move back to Victoria, BC, but wished to thank my family for taking me in. It was also the first time I had a surge to draw in a few years.

1. Art and Love in the 21st Century (a self portrait of sorts)
2. Mother Gaia and the Holy Glow
3. Golden Child – The Adventures of Andy Boy in the World Lost in Time
4. Bleh – Loss of Love (a self portrait of sorts)
5. Puff Puff aka I’m not an addict, Please leave me alone


One thought on “While You Were Gone

  1. Shylene says:

    nice to meet you today Trevor… I would love to share tea soon.. art and community! Best of luck with your opening!

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