Lost and Found: Woody’s and Board Folk

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Tabling can be boring, and there’s nothing like boredom to turn idle hands into gods of art production.

Introducing Woody’s:

When you buy a canvas they come with little wooden pegs to stretch the parchment over the frame (or at least this is how the dollar store ones work). They pile up quite quickly; I can’t remember if you get four or eight with each canvas but you get the point.

like a soap-stone worker carving the image they see inside the stone, I doodle faces on the inspirational variety of grains, knots, dots, burns, and what have you that define the Woody-to-be. My business stamp happens to fit snugly on the backside of it, which makes it a beautifully versatile art-piece of a business card.

I give them away for free and ask people to send me a photo of them wherever they end up. Unfortunately, they tend to go missing, so if you ever find one send me an e-mail and I’ll post them on the found page. Enjoy!


Cheetah, Face, and Ugh guy (slight brain damage)


Zombie, Meh Guy :/ , and Barf Drool


Tongue Guy 😛 , Arc of the Covenant Witness, Injury Prone Victim


Three wise men


My nerd keeping Tom’s folk company: Nerd, Unibrow, Emo
Can you believe we both came up with nerds independently of each other?


Scream, Dust Hick (like Pig-Pen but dumber), Drooler, Hitler, Charlie Chaplen, Excitement :O , and Creep


John Lennon, X’d


Doi, Señor Mustache, Friendly Mustache, Fancy Mustache, Mr. Mustache, Robot, Butt Chin, Screaming Butt Chine, Old Man, Guh!, French Mustache


Don’t Mess with Texas, Gah


Smiley :), Surprise, Zombie


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