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I’ve been writing comics since before I knew how to spell or use proper syntax. When I graduated my teachers told me I still didn’t have the syntax thing figured out, but that it made for an interesting read. I guess learning French grammar before English grammar didn’t help much.

The Destructive Artist is a hand-drawn comic that explores the introspective thoughts and experiential adventures of its sometimes-humble narrator: me, a traditional artist trying to make sense and cope with all things related to the 21st century and its digital age.

The Destructive Artist, Volume I:
1. Issue I: Beyond Quality and Quantity – April 2012
2. Issue II: This Is Not A Coaster – May 2012
3. Issue III: No One Said This Was Going To Be Easy – June 2012
4. Issue IV: TDA 4 – 2012/2013
5. Issue V: Life Goes On or: How I Learned to Lose $30, 000 and Love the Con – November 2014

Man of Misery

1. The Beginning

Unknown Hero: The Scribe

1. Issue 1 – Work in Progress, looking for artists


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