Man of Misery

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The gift of creation.

I’ve chosen to make a character. He will live in misery. That is his purpose.

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After the Anarchist Book fair was over, Guber approached me as I laxed into a daze to discuss my work. He loved how conscious my characters were, and that they played with the notion and awareness that they were characters in a comic.

As we discussed, I explained to Guber that I love making one-dimensional characters and putting them into lush environments to see how they react; I let them develop their own personalities. I added that I like making their surroundings difficult or sad…some sort of maniacal twist to test their humanity.

It didn’t take long for Guber and I to come up with a story that reflected that: a character who becomes conscious of his miserable purpose…who is forced to experience it for the sake of entertaining others.


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