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We’ve all got friends. I’ve got a bunch. I’d like to talk about them all, and someday I might. I’ve written about quite a few already, but here are some friends and acquaintances I’ve know who share their work online too!

Michael Horowitz: original drawing buddy, incredible art and design, website
Saul Strauss: first “bad” influence, funny things from time to time, website
Andre Szydlowski: went to film school together, check out his movies, website
Danny Leznoff: home town bud and talented musician (The Breezes), website
The Party on High Street: Victoria’s jam/funk/rock/psychedelic trio, website

Some cool artists I met at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Lucy Bellwood: beautiful spirit, wonderful comics, bookbinding!, website
Caanan Grall: elegant and hilarious comic series, website
Sam Alden: touching stories, fantastical art, several series, website
Kevin WIlson: TITANIZER! The would be hero…, website
Carrie Q. Contrary: PG13, 16+, 18+, A, X, XXX?, website
Klara Woldenga: splendid gal, her dark side will surprise you!, website
Mark Loader: hilarious guy, VanCAF bud, website
Todd Ireland and Kevin Leeson: Two goofs with brains, website

Still giving the following an in-depth browse, but don’t wait for me!

Matthew Ocasio: website
Jayd Ait-Kaci: website
Mike Deas: website
Josué Menjivar: website
Everett Patterson: website
Christine Vivier: website
Jeff Ellis: website
Katie and Steven Shanahan: website
Gabriel Frizzera: website
Mary Karaplis: website
Tyson Hesse: website
Rebecca Dart: website


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