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Making movies is probably the funnest art I do, aside from jamming with friends, but at that I’m no professional.

I started making movies in high school with Mike Horowitz and Saul Strauss (even though we went to different schools). I also made a movie or two with Eric Perowne in our film class at Lower Canada College.

1. Love Square, a short film about a high school love square

In CEGEP, I majored in video/cinema/communications, so I made a lot of movies there too.

1. There’s Something About Cinnamon, a movie about me
2. PSA: How to Dispose of a Dead Hero, a stop-motion film
3. Super People, Real Problems, a mockumentary about the golden age of superheroes

When I graduated, Spencer Pearce and I started making movies. It all started with that Doritos competition. Tom Treffeison jumped on board to help us make an awesome movie right before I moved.

1. Infinicheese, our submission for the 2010 Doritos’ Guru competition
2. Ron & Jeremy, a webseries made to promote our aforementioned submission

I haven’t made a movie for a while, but the ideas keep flowing. I still write scripts.


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