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In the spring of 2010, Doritos launched its second annual Doritos’ Guru contest. The pubic was encouraged to make viral videos to name the new flavour for the chance to win the ultimate prize: have your flavour name chosen, prize money, a percent of the net sales, and Andy Warhol’s projected 15 minutes of fame. This was the first time that Spencer and I teamed up to make movies.

Spencer and I have been friends for years. Although we are both artistically creative, until this point it never occurred to us to put our skills together. We sold the flavour Infinicheese, and spoofed the infomercial format to do so. But that was just the beginning…(more below)

Infinicheese: The movie that started it all:

We made a 9-part series under the umbrella Ron & Jeremy to promote our commercial. The characters were over-over-exaggerations of ourselves, falling down the slippery slope of addiction to Infinicheese.

Following that, Spence and I went on to write and shoot a 33 minute episode of over-exaggerated versions of ourselves in the 72 hours before I moved to Victoria, BC. It’s the first episode of a new series, Trev & Spence, that, contrarily to Ron & Jeremy, centers around over-exaggerated versions of ourselves.


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