Ron & Jeremy

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Ron & Jeremy is a nine episode web-series that explores the defunct lives of two would-be-heroes competing in Doritos’ Gure’s challenge who face substance abuse.

The series was created to promote Trev & Spence’s (TP Productions) submission into the 2010 Doritos’ Guru competition.

The following episodes parody mature subject matter. Viewer discretion, and an open mind, is advised.

Episode 1: Marijoritos

With rent over-due and no income in sight, Ron & Jeremy plot to make a commercial in hopes to make thousands of dollars. But, will they be able to find the inspiration necessary to produce a masterpiece?

Episode 2: Cocaritos

Ron takes a break from working to learn more about Jeremy’s favourite way of consuming his favourite snack.

Episode 3: The Girlfriend

Jeremy’s girlfriend pays a surprise visit to let him know how his new-found addiction is affecting their relationship.

Episode 4: Mushoritos

The slippery slope continues as Ron & Jeremy trip balls with their Dorito compadré.

Episode 5: The Dealer

The source is explored as Ron & Jeremy’s dealer guest-stars in this episode, cruisin’ in the infamous rapist-mobile.

Episode 6: LSDoritos

Things take a turn for the worse when Ron & Jeremy succumb to the hallucinogenic effects of LSDoritos.

Episode 7: Smackaritos

Things get serious when Ron & Jeremy get their fix the hard way. Is it too late to turn back?

Episode 8: Withdrawal

Jeremy suffers the effects of withdrawal as Ron offers compassionate support.

Episode 9: Crackaritos

With nowhere left to go, the strength of Ron & Jeremy’s friendship is tested when they realize the bleak truth about substance addition.


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