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I started my formal writing career in 2009 online at http://www.dogwalks.blog.com. My first blog was called Broken Pattern, a collection of observations, experiences, and poetry. It was followed by Summer Daze, an account of my summer adventures. My last blog, Newstate, compiled edgier written works that didn’t fit the previous blogs. In the past couple of years dogwalks seems to have been dismantled without my knowing.

Over the last couple of years I was publishing my new work and blogging at http://www.brokenpattern.ca. The works have been compiled into the following collections.

I still write.

Visual and Literary Collections

1. Broken Pattern: A Stream of Consciousness, published in the summer 2010, currently unpublished, looking for publisher
2. B-Sides; The Point & Missing Links, unpublished, looking for publisher


1. Housefly: Memoirs of a Roommate
2. Eureka: A Story to do with Bathing


1. Anonymous High: True Tales of High School Drama, a short story of fictitious high school musings, based on real stories


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