Anonymous High: True Tales of High School Drama

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I wrote this series with the help of my friend Spencer Pearce during a brief return to school in the spring/summer of 2011.

My teacher had us writing short stories on a weekly basis. I was watching Skins at the time, which inspired me to write about teenagers. It was easy for me to draw upon personal experiences, those of friends, and similar things that I could imagine to create a lush, albeit fictitious school dubbed Anonymous High.

After writing the first assignment and sharing it with the class (of both youth and elderly students), I knew I was on to something good. With the support of my good friend and writing partner Spencer, I hammered out the series over the remainder of the course, not without his initial reviews and insightful input.

You can find the individual stories in the B-sides anthology, but I’m compelled to share the final 40-page collection here. It’s interspersed with the point of views of the the entire cast, though I chose Wendy’s point of view holds the narrative together as she was the least explored character of the saga.

(The first page explains the impetus of the story, as required by the assignment.)

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